60 Days Ago I Lost My Son Zayne…

A Grief Expressed

60 Days Ago I Lost My Son Zayne…

Today is April 8th. 60 days ago I lost my son Zayne.

While I am crying as I write this article, know that today is much easier than March 8th was. That was a very tough day. Today is also a tough day, but not as tough as 30 days ago. Part of the reason for this is that I have been grieving.

Grieving sucks and it is can be very painful, and it will wear you out, but grieving is how you heal from a loss.

Time Does NOT Heal All Wounds

Some people don’t grieve and they think the passing of time will help them heal. Grieving does not work that way.If you don’t grieve, you don’t heal.

Snot Bubbles

If you have experienced a loss I encourage you to grieve, to cry, to wail, to make awful noises while you cry, and sob so hard that snot bubbles come out your nose. That is how you heal. Until you grieve, the ache will remain bottled up inside of you and it will hinder you and impede your journey.

I have cried, and wailed, and made awful nosies while I cried, and I have sobbed so hard that snot bubbles have come out my nose….And I will do all of that again because I am not done grieving.

Please know that I can’t doing those things, It is awful. Grieving sucks.

However…the reason that day is a tough day, but not a brutal day, is because I have been entering that gut wrenching ache you get when you suffer a loss and expressing it.

If you have experienced a loss, my heart aches with yours. Let that ache out so that you heal.

God bless,

Steven Shomler

Zayne Shomler

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