Coffee, Tears, and Peeps

Coffee Tears and Peeps

Coffee, Tears, and Peeps

This morning I choose the black mug.

I love cool looking coffee mugs. Happy ones that make me smile and bring me joy.

When Zayne passed away I could not bring myself to drink coffee out of my joyful mugs.

Thankfully two days after Zayne passed I found a black mug at Fred Meyer and that mug became my grieving mug.

It’s Easter morning. When Zayne was a toddler he had lots of blonde fluffy hair that stood straight up and he looked like the cutest Easter duckling.

I always thought that someday I would decorate Easter eggs with Zayne’s kids and tell them about how their Dad looked liked a Easter duckling when he was little.

Needless to say, today I choose the black mug.

Coffee, peeps, and tears. That was my Easter morning.

Remember this – Those who mourn – heal. Those who don’t mourn – live with a never ending ache.

Steven Shomler


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