Grieving Wears You Out


My Heart Aches So Much

Grieving Wears You Out

Last night I could not sleep. I just kept crying. My heart was so full of ache and hurt.

It was so tough to do my radio show this morning. I had no energy.

Once my radio show was over I made one stop for a client and then I had to come home. All I could do was take a nap.

It feels so awkward and unproductive to have days like this. I am used to going 100 MPH and making things happen. I don’t like it.

Grieving really does wear you out. I really don’t like that part of the grieving journey.

Don’t get me wrong — I am going to keep grieving.

I am going to keep grieving because I know that it is a journey and the only way to healthfully move through it — it is to walk it out.

If you avoid grieving — you never heal. I am going to heal. It’s just gonna take a long time.

One more thing — grieving sucks. It really does.

Steven Shomler

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