I Updated My Facebook Profile Photo Feb 9th, 2016 1:41 AM

I Updated My Facebook Cover Photo Feb 9th 1:38 AM

I Updated My Facebook Profile Photo Feb 9th 1:41 AM

First I updated my Facebook cover photo, then I updated my Facebook profile photo to a photo of  Zayne and his older brother Zac. This photo was taken the night they both scored varsity touchdowns for the Skyview Storm.

The joy in their faces is radiant. That is how I wanted to remember Zayne and that is how I wanted others to remember him.

Yes, it is just after 2 AM on  March 8th, 2016 and I am crying as I type this post. 30 days ago I lost my son Zayne and the ache is grueling. Fuck.

Steven Shomler

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