The Two Word Dedication – For Zayne

Portland Coffee Stories And Donut Tales

The Two Word Dedication – For Zayne

Zayne’s passing on February 8th, took the wind out of me and I ended up needing to take a break from writing my third book – Portland Coffee Stories and Donut Tales .

Tonight – Tuesday, March 15th, was my first interview with someone for that book since my son Zayne passed away on Feb 8th. I interviewed my friends Daniel and Isabel founders of Churros Locos. We met at Old Town Brewing. It was to interview someone for for third book at a place that was in my second book – Portland Beer Stories.

Churros Locos

Here’s the thing — I was on the verge of tears the whole time I was doing the interview with Daniel and Isabel. At the end of the interview, I did break down and cry. Daniel and Isabel very kind to me as I sobbed there at the table in Old Town Brewing.

Not only was Zayne one of the biggest supporters to my dream of becoming an author, he loved the Churros Locos Food Cart and last summer Daniel and Isabel  sent me home with a special bacon wrapped churro for Zayne to enjoy and he loved it so much.

Daniel Isabel Churros Locos   Zayne Shomler Churros Locos

Daniel and Isabel have such an inspiring story and Zayne would have loved it!

I have such an ache. Normally I would head home and tell Zayne all about it. I can’t do that any more and that just wrecks me.

It feels good to be back writing this book, but it is tough.

Two weeks ago I wrote the two word dedication for Portland Coffee Stories and Donut Tales — “For Zayne.”

I will finish this book as a way to honor the belief Zayne had in me. I will likely do much crying as I do.

People who grieve well, live well.

Steven  Shomler


Churros Locos

Churros Locos

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